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We Are Dog Trainers First

The journey of The Pup Hub started with a young teenager named Alan Steinle and an adorable English pointer puppy named Tech. Alan’s passion for dog training ignited when he acquired Tech for bird hunting, forming an unbreakable bond with the puppy and discovering a newfound love for training. As Alan’s life unfolded, he served in the military, and upon his return, he delved deeper into the world of dog training, studying and immersing himself in understanding canine and wolf pack behavior. 

This journey led to the establishment of Command Performance Dog Training in Georgia, where Alan shared his knowledge and passion for dog training. The torch of this passion was then passed on to his youngest daughter, Jennifer Steinle. Jennifer, having inherited her father’s love for animals, grew up surrounded by dog training and immersed herself in the world of canine care and training. Under the guidance of both her parents, she developed a deep understanding of the business. 

In her early 30s, Jennifer took the helm of Command Performance, renaming it first to Chateau De Doggy, and eventually evolving it into The Pup Hub. While Alan remains an integral part of the business in semi-retirement, Sue, Jennifer’s mother, has gracefully retired. 

As a second-generation dog trainer, Jennifer possesses a remarkable understanding of canine behavior, akin to a second language that has been honed and practiced since her early years. The Pup Hub stands as a true family-owned business, fueled by authentic dog enthusiasts with a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for the well-being of all canine companions. 

The Pup Hub At Work

A person standing next to a German shepherd attending a dog training class at The Pup Hub in Marietta Georgia.
A puppy on a red leash attending a doggy Training class at The Pup Hub of Marietta GA.
A lady holding a treat while teaching a dog at a Marietta dog training class at the Pup Hub.
A cute dog standing in front of a pet crate is being dropped off at The Pup Hub for Dog and Puppy Boarding in Marietta.
A lady standing next to a small dog attending a do obedience class at The Pup Hub Marietta.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Steinle
Assistant Manager
Training Apprentice
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Proven Results

If you need expert, proven help, and results that make a lasting impact, we're the right team for you.


Indvidualized approaches that get the job done. We adjust to your dog's needs and not the other way around!

Safe, Nurturing, Intelligent Approach

No matter the size of your dog, no matter the weight of their demands, no matter how difficult or challenging they may seem, we always put their emotions and needs first. Our methods, whether in our training programs or boarding and daycare services, always take on a “DOG-FIRST” approach. We vouch for your dog and we tailor our techniques to match their wants and needs. 

Lady hugging dog showing it love

Other boarding facilities and training centers easily get overwhelmed, but we don’t. The secret? Love and genuine care for your dog. We go the extra mile to understand them, be there for them, and help them grow into their full potential. 

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The Pup Hub is a 9600 sq ft indoor Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Training facility located in Marietta GA. We offer Private Lessons and Pick Up and Drop off services throughout North Metro Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Canton, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek!

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