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Dog Training Programs

Goals: Trust and Respect

Training is about cultivating a joyful life for both you and your dog, forming a strong and harmonious team. At The Pup Hub, we’re dedicated to aiding you in achieving these objectives by utilizing a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Our approach draws upon the expertise of canine behavioralists, dog psychologists, and seasoned animal professionals, along with generations of our own experience in understanding dog behavior.  

In our Obedience Courses, we thoroughly tackle a wide array of behavioral issues. If you have a specific behavior you’d like to address that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re more than happy to discuss your concerns and determine how we can assist you and your dog effectively. 

Potty Training
Leash Pulling
Leash Reactivity
Puppy Biting
Minor Aggression
Various types of anxiety


We also address the following training needs:  

Crate Training
Learning Commands
Responding to "No"
Off Leash Control (advanced obedience only)
Off Leash Control
(advanced obedience only)

For Dog Owners

We strongly believe that your education is equally vital alongside your dog’s learning journey! In all our programs, we incorporate lessons designed to help you foster a strong relationship with your dog. We offer a comprehensive learning experience by providing video tutorials, audio guides, and workbook materials to kickstart your learning process. Following this, we engage in hands-on lessons with you, guiding you through the application of the techniques you’ve acquired, ensuring a meaningful and effective educational experience with your pet.  


For Dogs

Our primary objective is to introduce your dog to behavior modification and transformation techniques grounded in a holistic assessment. Drawing upon our extensive understanding of pack structure, breed-specific traits, behavior dynamics, triggers, responses, and body language, we conduct a thorough evaluation to comprehensively assess the challenges your dog is facing. This approach allows us to tailor our strategies to suit your dog’s unique needs and facilitate a positive transformation in their behavior. 

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Dog Training Programs

Basic Obedience Training Programs

In our Basic Obedience Training Programs, we cover a wide range of behavioral concerns and focus on teaching fundamental commands essential for your dog's obedience. These commands include sit, down, heel, and loose leash walking, laying a strong foundation for a well-behaved companion.

Advanced Obedience Training Program

Upon successful completion of one of our Basic Obedience Training Programs, the natural progression is to further enhance and expand on the established foundation. Our Advanced Course is structured to elevate training to the next level, introducing higher levels of command and response training. The primary focus of this course is to attain the ultimate goal of achieving off-leash control, enabling a deeper level of communication and obedience between you and your dog.
Private dog training lessons at The Pup Hub

Private Dog Training Lessons

Our Private Lessons are meticulously crafted to cater to both you and your dog within the familiar environment of your home. This personalized program is ideal for dogs that, for various reasons, cannot be boarded. We understand the importance of providing tailored training in a comfortable and known setting, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience for your furry friend. It's a flexible approach designed to meet the unique needs and circumstances of both you and your dog.
five dogs lined up for the pup hub's dog training programs in marietta

Group Dog Training Classes

Our Group Classes offer an excellent opportunity for you and your dog to engage in socialization, expose them to new stimuli, and strengthen their obedience skills. Despite being in a group setting, we maintain an individualized approach by tailoring mini lessons that align with your specific goals. This ensures that both you and your dog receive personalized attention and guidance while benefiting from the social and interactive aspects of a group environment. It's a balanced and effective way to enhance obedience and behavioral development in a social and supportive setting.

The Pup Hub is a 9600 sq ft indoor Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Training facility located in Marietta GA. We offer Private Lessons and Pick Up and Drop off services throughout North Metro Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Canton, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek!

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