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Marietta Doggy Daycare and Training

Only the Best for Your Best Friend

Your dog’s unique behavioral needs deserve better attention, you need a team that can only provide the best care.
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Georgia’s Most Trusted Dog Training Professionals

Live Fuller Lives With Your Dog

Our team goes above and beyond to provide the loving and caring environment necessary to make sure your dog’s needs are met to feel comfortable and happy during their stay with us.

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Dog Training

Cultivate deeper and more enriching bonds with your canine companions.  

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Dog Boarding

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your dogs are safe and well-cared for in our hands.  

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Doggy Daycare

Allow your dogs to expend energy and socialize with new pals. 

+Years Experience
Puppy Love - The Pup Hub Marietta Doggy Daycare, Training and Boarding

There's no substitute for experience

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of dog behavior and care have been honed through decades of experience in boarding and training dogs. Despite our new name and location as The Pup Hub, we are an established dog training company with a rich history as Chateau De Doggy. Our stellar reputation for providing meticulous care and genuine affection to our doggy guests precedes us, having been built well over three decades. We have primarily gained our clientele through enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals. 

Now situated in our modern, state-of-the-art facility in Marietta, GA, we continue to uphold our dedication to exceptional service. Our facility features an indoor turf yard and turf pads, ensuring your dog maintains the familiarity of pottying on grass even while indoors. This unique setup allows us to maintain a high level of sanitation that surpasses what’s possible with natural bedding yards. 

Moreover, we have designated quiet dog areas for dogs that thrive in a calm and peaceful environment. Our overarching goal is to provide a clean and safe environment where your dog can have a blast and feel at ease. 

High Success Rate
Individualized Approach
Reasonable Rates
Lifetime Support

Our Dog Training Programs

Basic Obedience Dog Training Services in Atlanta and Marietta at The Pup Hub

Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience courses are thoughtfully crafted to focus on mastering essential commands while effectively addressing a wide range of behavioral challenges. These courses target common issues such as leash pulling, reactivity, chewing, potty training, jumping, barking, and various other behavioral concerns.
A lady standing with her dog on a leash while attending Dog Obedience Training in Marietta GA at the pup hub.

Advanced Obedience

Our advanced obedience courses are designed to engage your dogs with enjoyable and stimulating exercises. The primary objectives are to achieve off-leash control and master advanced commands and behaviors in an enjoyable and challenging environment.
A lady giving a large dog commands during a private dog training lesson in Marietta by an expert dog trainer at the Pup Hub.

Private Lessons

Our in-home private lessons empower owners to fully immerse themselves in our training programs. This is particularly beneficial for dogs dealing with anxiety or separation issues, as it provides a comfortable and familiar setting for their training and allows for a more personalized and attentive approach.
Six dogs line up with their owners on leashes attending Dog Group Training lessons at the Pup Hub in Marietta GA.

Group Classes

We offer Group Classes in Puppy Socialization, Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience and Conformation Handling Classes.

Marietta Doggy Daycare and Boarding

Apart from our dog training programs, we also offer doggy daycare and boarding services to help you manage the needs of your dog. Our Marietta doggy daycare and dog boarding spaces are designed to efficiently foster an environment that is safe, fun, and friendly for your dog.  

Atlanta & Marietta Dog Boarding Services

Dog Boarding Services

We provide your dog with a safe and fun environment where they are cared for, monitored, and have fun, while they are with us. You can travel and relax; your dog is in safe hands! 


Two puppies playing in the grass while attending Dog Daycare Services in Marietta at the Pup Hub.

Doggy Daycare Services

For a holistic approach to your dog’s quality of life, we recommend that they get the socialization they need – not only with your family, but as well as with other furry friends! Our Daycare services are a great way for them to socially connect, interact, and have fun while in a safe, nurturing space. If your pup is more people oriented our Caretakers will provide focused play and attention one on one with your dog throughout their day with us. 

It feels good
to be understood!

Unlike many dog trainers who may specialize in a single training style, we at The Pup Hub have gathered extensive expertise over the years through hands-on experience and in-depth studying of canine behavior. We acknowledge the validity of various training methods, recognizing that the key lies in their appropriate application based on timing and the specific needs of the individual dog. Our training methodologies span a wide spectrum, ranging from pure positive reinforcement for gentle and sensitive breeds like the Cavalier puppy to Schutzhund working style training tailored for mature German Shepherds that require a more assertive approach to gain respect. 

At The Pup Hub, we firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t effective in dog training. Just as humans have diverse personalities, dogs too exhibit a vast array of personalities, each responding uniquely to different stimuli. We take the time to understand what works best for your pup, customizing our training techniques to suit their individual requirements. 

Moreover, we recognize that each dog owner possesses a distinct personality and approach to training. We strive to assist and guide every owner into fostering a strong and bonded relationship with their dog by tailoring our teaching methods with their unique characteristics.

Our Core Values

We always value fun as an important aspect of our company culture and that translates into the services we provide. Apart from that, here are our top core values that guide us in how we handle our services and communication with you and your furry friend. We always prioritize putting our customer’s needs first, making sure you are satisfied with the care and attention that your dogs get, and that at the end of the day, you get to build the relationship that you’ve always wanted for you and your dog.

Dog Safety


We are committed to offering a secure environment that caters to all your training, daycare, and boarding requirements. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of your dogs, and we take great care to fulfill their every need attentively and responsibly



Transparency and honesty are fundamental principles that guide all our interactions and operations. We firmly believe in being forthright in all our dealings, ensuring we provide you with comprehensive information to understand our methods and processes thoroughly. Your trust and understanding are of utmost importance to us

Real Results

Real Results

Our ultimate focus is on delivering meaningful results that truly impact you and your furry companion. We are committed to outcomes that matter and aim to make a significant difference in your experience. If at any point you find our services falling short of your expectations or if you have concerns, we encourage an open dialogue. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we are always willing to address your feedback and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction and your dog's well-being.

Open Communication

Open Communication

Clear and honest communication stands as a cornerstone of our approach at The Pup Hub. We make it a priority to go the extra mile, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your disposal before and after making a commitment with us. Your understanding and informed decisions matter greatly to us.

Customer Feedback


My whole experience with The Pup Hub has been a delight. From first contact to my dog’s last training session, everything went smoothly. My dog, Cookie, is a rescue dog. When we got her, she was very fearful of people and noises. It was hard to get her to trust us. But after our sessions with The Pup Hub, everything changed. She’s very responsive now, she knows how to express her feelings and our bond has gotten much stronger. Thank you The Pup Hub!


After over a year of struggling with our dog, Fred, we’ve finally been able to get through to him and that’s all thanks to The Pup Hub. We were only hoping for a breakthrough in Fred’s overly aggressive and over-protective behavior against guests at our home, but we got more. Fred is more respectful now of guests, he responds to any corrections we might have and his behavior is more manageable. Thank you The Pup Hub – you guys are the best!


Pup Hub is a lifesaver! I have to travel in and out of state for a lot of meetings so boarding services are something I need on a monthly basis. Pup Hub is always welcoming of my dog, Chase. Even if it’s last minute! Chase loves the Pup Hub – I even signed up for the daycare services because I’ve seen the positive changes in Chase’s behavior ever since I brought him here!

Dog Training Resources

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The Pup Hub is a 9600 sq ft indoor Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Training facility located in Marietta GA. We offer Private Lessons and Pick Up and Drop off services throughout North Metro Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Canton, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek!

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