Training Your Dog for Obedience Has Many Benefits

two dogs playing with a ball at the pup hub doggy daycare

Training your dog has many benefits – The first and most important benefit of training is being able to communicate with your dog, in their language. Clear communication is the most important way to develop a strong and understanding relationship between you and your pup. We help you learn how to “speak dog” and through this you will learn to resolve misunderstandings, gain respect, and develop a happy home with you and your furry family member.

Another huge benefit is the freedom and quality of life your dog will have after training. Where you couldn’t trust your dog to not bark at people on a restaurant patio, yank you down on busy trails to see other dogs, or mark on your best friend’s couch when you stop for a visit, your pup will now be able to lay politely at dinner, ignore dogs walking close by, and have a drama free visit to your friend’s house. No matter how tolerant we try to be we will avoid bringing the puppers along if we know it is going to be a struggle. Having trust in your dog means more outings and fun for your dog!

The benefit most people aren’t aware of is the new level of bonding you will develop. Your dog will care more about wanting to be with you and what makes you happy. Working together may have challenges at first but once you have established yourself as the pack leader the training sessions actually become a fun exercise where you are both focused on each other and working in sync. This symbiosis will start to develop in your daily life also, where you can casually talk to your pup and they will get it!

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