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Dog Training

Our dog training programs help you create a close bond with your dog and address any behavioral issues or goals you have with your furry family member.
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Dog Boarding

Our boarding services are a great option for you during travel. Our experienced Caretakers provide an enjoyable stay for your pup in a safe, warm and clean environment!

Doggy Daycare

"Our daycare services offer the perfect chance for puppies to burn off energy—whether it's through socializing with other furry friends or individual exercise with our attentive Caretakers."

You Can Count On Us

We love what we do and we really care! Our passion for our doggy guests goes beyond our business model, it’s a labor of love. When you entrust your dogs to us, we treat them as family and as if they’re our own. Here’s what you can expect when you team up with The Pup Hub: 

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Peace of Mind

"We don't believe in empty promises. We understand your concerns and strive to demonstrate that your dog is in excellent hands while they are with us.

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Affordable Rates

Taking care of your dogs is a big investment. This is why we want to provide you with affordable options and services.

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Our team is composed of highly trained individuals in the field. You can rely on our experience and expertise. Our staff is properly trained and equipped to meet your dog's needs.

Dog Safety


We take the safety and security of your dogs seriously. Our facilities are closely monitored 24/7 and we constantly improve our safety features. Your dog's safety is a top concern here at The Pup Hub.

We Answer Your Concerns

We are a family run business which includes a father/daughter team with over 40 years of combined experience. With this level of experience, we have encountered just about every conceivable training and behavioral problem that a dog could have. This gives us the ability to quickly zero in on the correct solution to almost any problem. We have trained tens of thousands of dogs and there is no substitute for that kind of experience.

We work with several different municipalities as experts (including status as an expert witness) in evaluating dogs that have been rescued from abusive situations. One of the things we do in this capacity is determining the probability of success a rescued dog would have if placed with a new family. Being consistently correct in our evaluation is evidence that we understand dog behavior exceptionally well. We must be able to interact with an abused or neglected dog for a short period of time in order to determine what is needed to successfully rehabilitate them. We are regularly called in to do this by varying veterinarians, representatives of the ASPCA, and prosecutors that are also involved in these types of cases.

We are an originating member of the Canine Behavioral Training Association. The CBTA is dedicated to the education of humans in the truth about dog behavior and training. Much of the conventional wisdom about dogs is incorrect. The clear evidence of this is that so many dogs lose their homes due to easily corrected behavioral issues.

Though there are many names we could list (we have worked with many well-known people) we will only list one name. We can’t think of anyone that would have had better resources to ensure we knew what we were doing. After checking us out very thoroughly, former Governor Zell Miller used us to train his two Labrador Retrievers during his Governorship.

Absolutely! Dogs and puppies always remember their family and home very clearly! When you first see your dog after finishing a boarding training program, we do a training session with you because they are so excited to see their family again. You now become what is known as proof training (a distraction) which can be used to test their obedience.  We use the reintroduction to your family as a training opportunity to show you how to address an exciting situation. So in short, they definitely remember you!

Not at all! Training does not change your dog’s personality.  They will still be every bit themselves but more respectful. Training encourages positive traits and discourages negative traits and ultimately creates a strong and healthy bond with you and your pup. 

Not only will your dog still love you but this process will create a very strong bond between the both of you.  Dogs have a social hierarchy and they hold their deepest affection for those they respect the most.  Training will also help you learn to communicate clearly with them, which has a strong effect on your relationship and bond.

One of the main complaints you will hear from people that have had their dog professionally trained is that the dog only listens to the dog trainer.  We understand that your training and education are just as important as your dog’s training. Many dog trainers know how to communicate with the dogs but fall short in their communications with the owners.  We understand that dog psychology and human psychology must go hand in hand to create the respect and bond necessary to reach your goals in your relationship with your dog.  Once you have learned the proper handling techniques and have accomplished the Transition of Authority with your dog, they will listen to you every bit as well as they do us.

We do not use one specific training method. Instead we adjust our training techniques to the personality of each individual dog. How you train a happy go lucky puppy with a house breaking issue versus a dominant German bred working dog or a fearful little dog are drastically different.  We have decades of experience in how to address issues with all different personalities. 

Yes! Training will put you in the role of alpha which is a huge weight lifted off a nervous dog’s shoulders.  Dogs that are not well suited for the alpha role will still assume they are alpha if they are not given direction otherwise and this role can make them a nervous wreck.  With training, your dog will learn it is no longer their job to be in charge of the pack which will help relax them. They will learn to signal off of you and your confidence instead.

We pride ourselves in the exceptional care we provide for our guests!   The experience we have in caring for dogs gives us a better understanding of what is best for your dog while they are with us. 

We do provide brushing, bathing and ear cleaning services for our doggy guests but we are not groomers. 

The Pup Hub is a 9600 sq ft indoor Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Training facility located in Marietta GA. We offer Private Lessons and Pick Up and Drop off services throughout North Metro Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Canton, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, and Johns Creek!

Have your Pup come Stay, Play and Learn with us!

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