Advanced Obedience Training in Marietta GA

Advanced Obedience Dog Training

Advanced Obedience Dog Training in Marietta and North Metro Atlanta

Once your dog completes our Basic Obedience Training Course, we consider this only as the halfway point. Further work is required to get your dog to fully respond to different sets of commands. This is where ourย Advanced Obedience Training Course comes in. In this training regimen, our goal is to continue to expose your dog to a series of behavior responses, with the ultimate goal of off leash control.

1-Week Advanced Obedience Dog Training

1-Week Advanced Obedience Training

Our 1-Week Advanced Training Course will be focused on training your dog to respond to more complicated commands and exercises. This includes hand signal exercises and verbal triggers such as calls to sit down in place, sit down at a distance and more. This advancement on commands builds a stronger sense of understanding and respect and is the lead up to off leash control.ย 

Expected Results:

Your dog is now responsive to a more difficult set of exercises and signals and now has the foundation to begin off leash training.

Prerequisite: Completion of our Basic Obedience Training Program
Inclusions: 7 days of boarding training, One private lesson, and a membership to our Advanced group classesย 

Price: $1350
2-Week Advanced Obedience Training

2-Week Advanced Obedience Training

The 2-Week Advanced Obedience Training Program continues to expose your dog to different sets of behavior commands and expected responses. Our goal here is to continue to build on the bond that you’ve developed with your dog and increase the trust that he has towards you. The exercises introduced here have a higher level of difficulty and address at distance and off leash control.ย 

Expected Results:

Take your pet anywhere you like off-leash!

Prerequisite: Completion of our Basic Obedience Training Program
Inclusions: 2 weeks of boarding training, a full series of private lessons, and a membership to our advanced group class

Price: $1950

4 Week Basic and Advanced Obedience Price $3900

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